The Rage of Beppe Grillo.

Italian rabble-rouser Beppe Grillo (rhymes with Brillo) has the 10th most popular website in the world. For years he has whipped up big, angry crowds, and this week he offered a "tsunami" of demonstrations.  This weekend comes the election, and poll results show that Grillo may receive a third of the youth vote. In a parliamentary system that could give him big power for years to come. Nobody knows if Grillo is a fascist pretending to be a comedian, or a comedian pretending to be a fascist. Grillo may not know himself  --  but when his party gets into the Italian parliament we will all find out. Grillo's followers believe what he says, and they offer to beat you up if you question him. Sane people in Italy are scared.  Beppe may be an agent of influence for the Iranian mullahs, as we pointed out last week. On his blog Mr. Grillo shows a mischievous smile. But this press photo from the Daily Telegraph gives a different image. Grillo is.... (Read Full Article)