Dutch recall 50,000 tonnes of beef on horsemeat suspicions

50,000 tonnes of beef have been recalled by the Dutch food safety authority. It has been deemed unfit for human consumption and it may contain horsemeat.

The Dutch authority has taken the precautionary steps as the origins of the meat were unclear and therefore its safety not guaranteed.

The meat appears to have come from two wholesalers, Wiljo Import and Export and Willy Selten. About 370 companies around Europe have bought the meat and despite a recall from European rapid alert system it looks like it might be too late for some.

Benno Brugginkfrom the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)noted that, “the meat ended up all over Europe, and I think it has been largely consumed, but the meat we can still find we are going to recall.”

The Netherlands began investigating the country’s meat industry in February following the discovery of horsemeat in beef products around Europe.

The Dutch food authority made clear that there is no direct risk to human health but consumer confidence will be shaken further by yet another horsemeat scandal.

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