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Recently Deadspin, a major sports blog, called Kasandra Perkins the “catalyst” for her own murder at the hands of her NFL-player boyfriend. Bestselling author Bret Easton Ellis proclaimed that Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s success can be reduced to the fact that she’s “a very hot woman.” And the Geena Davis Institute released a study demonstrating, among other things, that fewer than a third of all speaking parts on prime time comedies go to women. Just another week in our toxic, sexist media.

That’s exactly why WAM! is on the rise. Our local chapters are flourishing from Los Angeles to Ottawa. The chapters and our listserv together are helping us help each other push back against misogynist media, get published and produced ourselves, navigate sexism in media workplaces, and take action together to create the media we deserve. And of course, we’re getting ready to launch the WAM! Community Action Network (WAM!CAN) project, which will enable us to take collective, targeted, measurable monthly actions together – actions with real power to move the needle toward gender justice in media.

We’re on the cusp of becoming a game-changing force that can change the media for good.  Will you join us?

Whatever your dream for gender justice in media, we can make it real if you make a donation today. Give us the strength we need to stand up and turn all our dreams into actions.

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