YWCA Cambridge | About Us

Eliminating Racism. Empowering Women. Right in the heart of Cambridge's Central Square.

The YWCA Cambridge, since its inception in 1891, has advocated for women's rights and provided affordable accommodations and support services for women. Today, the YWCA Cambridge is a Cambridge institution with a variety of classes and programs, including the largest women's residential facility in the city.

The YWCA Cambridge also offers rental space for meetings, seminars, theater productions and more.

The YWCA Cambridge is currently planning for major renovations to buildings on its Main Campus and working towards the creation of new programming. As a place for women, children and families to find shelter, support and opportunities to learn and grow, the YWCA Cambridge is committed to being a welcoming resource and center of vibrant activity, responding to the ever-changing needs of the community in the 21st century.

Welcome, and thank you for your support of the YWCA Cambridge.