Anti-government protests in Bulgaria in 13th day.

Protests against Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski's government continue in its 13th day in the capital Sofia.

The protests were organized through social networking sites with the name 'coffee break' in front of the parliament.

Slogans as 'Resignation', 'Red communist rubbishes' and 'Mafia' were shouted during the protests, with protestors throwing tomatoes and eggs to the main entrance of the parliament.

Meanwhile, Oresharski placed himself in the parliament with all government members to announce the personnel changes in the parliament and waited, however the 240 chaired parliament could not be opened due to the fewness of parliamentarians. He had offered Daniela Bobeva, one of the directors of Central Bank to be appointed as the Economy Minister and deputy prime minister.

"Yet, the government is not in an intention to resist," Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Tsvetlin Yovchev stated in a press release after disentering the parliament.

One of the symbolic names of democratization process, former ambassador to India and Mongolia Edvin Sugarev announced he has started a hunger strike, saying, "If it's necessary I'll die to cause the government's fall. None of those, who rule, show respect or attention to the protestors."

The protests are expected to continue until late Wednesday in front of the prime ministry. The protestors want the political system to be reorganized, shouting slogans to the detriment of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), centrist HOH party, ultranationalist Attack Party and centre-right GERB Party.