CBS Fawns Over Pro-Abortion State Senator Turned 'Political Star' in Texas; All But Encourage Her to Run For Governor

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The 27 June 2013 broadcast of CBS This Morning heralded pro-abortion Texas State Senator Wendy Davis as a "new star in Democratic politics" for her "marathon filibuster that went viral". Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell tossed softball questions at Davis, and wondered if she would "run for governor or for national office now" because of her "new role in the national spotlight".

The transcript of the relevant portion of the interview:

ROSE: It has also catapulted you in the political limelight. Will you run for governor or for national office now?

DAVIS: You know, right now, I have my hands full, honestly. As we go into this next special session, we have a tremendous amount of work to do, and I'm focused fully on that. I don't know what the future will hold, but I'm honored to have people talking about that.

O'DONNELL: But I did hear you say you'd be lying to say that it – that it – it has crossed your mind about running for higher office, right?

DAVIS: Well, yes, it certainly has. (Rose and O'Donnell laugh) But I don't know if now is the right time for me. We'll see.

O'DONNELL: Well, there isn't a seat until 2014, right?

DAVIS: Yes. (O'Donnell laughs)