Livermore's Centennial Light Bulb


Welcome to the homepage of the Centennial Bulb, the Longest burning Light Bulb in history. Now in its 112th year of illumination. For those of you coming here for the first time, feel free to explore the pages of our amazing little bulb, with pictures, stories, facts, and history.

The Bulb is Still Alive! After being Off for over 10 hours on the morning of May 20, 2013, Retired Asst. Chief Tom Bramell called the Station Captain and bypassed the UPS generator, and it Worked! See some pictures of the Bulb off on the Bulbcam page.To see the story by Juliette Goodrich, go to World's Longest Running Lightbulb Goes Out In Livermore.

For a special treat from us for the season follow this Holiday Link!

The webmaster of the committee gave a Bulb Presentation, at Sugar Hill Elementary, in Gainesville, Georgia, to a 1st , and 5th grade class. Please follow the link to see pictures.

With a heavy heart I must report the passing of Huell Hauser. He really was a gentle and kind manwho brought fun and excitement into our lives with his truely unique perspective. As part of his legacyhe donated all of his episodes to be put online free of charge at Chapman University. You can see hisCentennial Bulb episode with the late Lynn Owens at Episode 11002.

The webmaster of the committee stopped by the museum, at NFWHS, in Fort Worth, Texas, to see theworld famous Palace Bulb, and it's committee!!! Please follow this link to see pictures.

Chris Leps has copies of the movie Century of Light available at!!But more importantly he has a new movie in production named Wholehearted.

Our intrepid photographer Dick Jones has just made his first book named Aerial Photography,and is in the process of making another based on his mothers poetry, soon to be released.

Juliett Goodrich has also released a new children's book named I Am Special Because I Smile,which is about the Special Olympics.

A new unique Shelby Light Bulb was found sealed in a wall of Adolph Chailett's home in Shelby, Ohio!!!Please follow this link to Tom Clabaugh's page,A light from our distant past.Or go to the articles page to read the Shelby Globe,as donated by Tom Sutter, an old Shaaggy Shelbian.

If you are returning, our newest additions are, a tv spot from David Letterman and Stephen Colbert, NPR, FREE POSTCARDS, a tour of the old Livermore Fire Stations by Lynn Owens, a visit from Jeanine Benca & Jim Stevens from the East Bay News Group with the articles, a visit From Carolyn Jones and Michael Macor of the SF Chronicle, a visit with Mike Dunstan, the original reporter who broke the news of the bulb to the world, a visit to the MUSEUM in Shelby, Ohio, as guided by Sally Maier historian, the stories of our latest visitors, Chris Leps of Hollywood, making the documentary A Century of Light, Cosima Dannoritzer from Spain who made the documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy, and Karin Steinberger from Germany.