VIDEO-Obamacare Website Contractor Forced to Make Really Embarrassing Admission: ‘It Didn’t Work’ | Video |

A high-ranking Obamacare website contractor on Thursday offered some eye-opening testimony on how poorly the glitch-riddled website has been operating.

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) asked Andrew M. Slavitt, an executive with Optum/Quality Software Services, Inc. (QSSI), if he tried to get on the Obamacare site himself.

Image source: C-SPAN via YouTube

“Yes, I did,” Slavitt replied.

“Did it work?” Murphy asked.

“Well, I logged on to create an account, was able to do so,” Slavitt replied. “I just never received a confirmation email.”

“So it didn’t work?” Murphy pressed.

“It didn’t work,” Slavitt answered.

You can check out the exchange from C-SPAN via YouTube:

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)