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As it becomes clear Obamacare is a fiasco, a system with so many moving parts designed by man and not by markets that ARE NEVER going to operate as intended – if it’s intended to operate at all – Americans should be on the lookout for signs that we’re headed toward the final destination President Obama once said he supported: a single-payer government run program.

If Obamacare puts private insurers out of business, single payer is all that will be left. For all of us.

CBS News ace correspondent Jan Crawford – I have to say, BTW, the former Dan Rather Network comes up with some good accountability items with respect to Obama – reports this morning that even in states that are running their own exchanges, where signups aren’t going so badly, there’s a potential catastrophic problem: Those getting insurance are overwhelmingly low-income people who are just dumping themselves into Medicaid.

That’s bad news for insurers, who need people to buy their product so they can finance all the Free Stuff they have to dole out under Obamacare and pay for those with pre-exiting conditions and the older and sicker people they’re now required to take at no extra cost to the customer.

Private insurers threatened? Medicaid rolls multiplying? Sounds like a recipe for single-payer to me.

Here’s Crawford’s report.

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