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Are You Ready for a New Wave of Patients?

When health insurance exchanges go live next year, you'll be competing for up to 24 million newly insured patients.

These patients may have limited familiarity with the health care system or unmanaged chronic conditions. But all of them are going to be price-sensitive, discerning customers, who want high-quality service offerings, an easily navigable care environment, and affordably priced options.

Being ready will be the difference between 24 million challenges and 24 million opportunities.

Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunities

To start, get a refresher on the exchanges, see what your patients have in common, and understand your role in the enrollment process.

Then, read our white paper, Navigating Health Insurance Exchanges, and watch our on-demand webconference to get a full overview of the exchange rollout, how the exchanges, Medicaid, and employer-sponsored insurance interact, and implications for health system margins and operations.