CIA is the topper-The Black Budget: Top secret U.S. intelligence funding - Interactive Graphic - Washington Post

Central Intelligence Agency

Collect, analyze, evaluate, disseminate foreign intelligence and conduct covert operations.

Agency fiscal year budgetsince 2004, not inflation-adjusted


Approximate percentagegrowth from 2004 to 2013

National Security Agency

Protect the government’s information systems and intercept foreign signals intelligence information.


National Reconnaissance Office

Design, build, and operate the nation’s signals and imagery reconnaissance satellites.


National Geospatial-Intelligence Program

Generate and provide imagery and map-based intelligence, which is used for national security, U.S. military operations, navigation and humanitarian aid efforts.


General Defense Intelligence Program

Provide assessments of foreign military intentions and capabilities to policymakers and military commanders. Conduct human and technical intelligence collection, document and media management.