LAX shooting: Just the facts

UPDATED 1 November 2013; 1700 ET: We’ve received many conflicting reports from individuals on-site at LAX and from open source news agencies. We are indexing each of them. It is our policy to review everything before reporting; instead of being first with the story, we would rather be correct. Additionally, we can then review the original source reports for signs of deliberate misinformation and manipulation of the facts.

Confirmed: LAX police, in conjunction with other agencies, conducted a drill for this exact same scenario just two-(2) weeks ago. NOTICE: We will continue to update after we are able to confirm the facts outside of – and beyond - mainstream news sources.

1 November 2013; 1515 ET: A shooting incident took place at the Los Angeles International Airport this morning at 9:20 am PT. According to open source reports, an unidentified male entered terminal three-(3) at the Los Angeles Airport at approximately 0920 am local time. He is described as a male, race/ethnicity undetermined, wearing a cap and sunglasses, while reportedly carrying a long gun and a handgun.

Some witnesses report that his attire was similar to that worn by security or TSA agents. The male reportedly began shooting with the long gun at various parties, possibly focusing on TSA agents or airport security.  LAX police pursued the subject, who entered into the restricted area of the terminal, not far from a Burger King restaurant located inside the terminal. There, he was engaged in a gun battle with police, and was struck at last once by an officer from LAX. According to the most recent reports, a total of seven-(7) people were injured by gunfire, with six-(6) – including the alleged gunman, being transported to hospitals from the scene. Recent unconfirmed reports suggest that two people have succumbed to their injuries, although this remains unconfirmed.

Investigators on scene

FBI SAC David Bodich

Chief Patrick Gannon

As most first reports are wildly incorrect, we will provide more information as we get it from our sources at LAX. Tune in to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight for a complete analysis.

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