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The father of Edward Snowden said on Wednesday that the former U.S. spy agency contractor is not a fugitive and should stay in Russia. Sarah Toms reports.

Edward Snowden's girlfriend ... Ballerina and pole-dancer Lindsay Mills. Picture: lsjourney.comSource: Supplied

THE girlfriend of whistleblower Edward Snowden has broken a four-month silence to post a series of enigmatic photos on her online blog in what might be a coded message to her exiled lover.

Ballerina and pole dancer Lindsay Mills, 28, who lived with Edward Snowden in Hawaii before he exposed US government spying secrets, has added cryptic titles to the pictures, made up of punctuation symbols, perhaps using visual clues only he would understand.



Cryptic titles ... Edward Snowden's girlfriend, ballerina and pole dancer Lindsay Mills. Picture: lsjourney.comSource: Supplied

They are her first communication with the world since the spying scandal exploded in June, which led to Snowden fleeing to Russia and sent Ms Mills into hiding with friends in America.

One photo on her blog - lsjourney.com - shows Ms Mills reclining on a beach in a bikini, turning her back on the camera as she faces a glowing sunset. A second photo, in which she wears a T-shirt and black trousers, again shows her from behind, crouched in a wooded glade. In a third, only her right hand is seen above a yellow road sign with a large black arrow pointing to the left.

The latest photo, posted on Friday, shows her posing like Superwoman, held aloft in the arms of an unidentified man, silhouetted against a setting sun.

Her web page cover photo also shows only her hand, holding a paper aeroplane pointing skyward.

Snowden has been charged with espionage and theft of government property, and remains wanted by the US authorities.

Girlfriend has been in hiding ... Former National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden in Moscow, Russia. (AP Photo)Source: AP