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The New Americanby Alex Newman

Photo of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaking at the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 19: AP Images

With United Nations theories about alleged man-made global warming imploding on the world stage, regimes oppressing populations in poorer nations are demanding that taxpayers in wealthier countries start promptly handing over trillions of dollars — supposedly to deal with “climate change.” Gathered in Warsaw, Poland, at the latest UN “climate” summit, and facing massive public protests against the extortion effort, governments are hoping to quickly and quietly lay the foundations for a new global treaty rationing carbon dioxide.

Multiple nations and populations are becoming increasingly suspicious as the UN’s discredited theories are ridiculed by top scientists and experts worldwide, so “climate dignitaries” know they must act fast. Indeed, if what countless scientists refer to as the global-warming “scam” crumbles entirely before 2015, the effort to foist a planetary “carbon budget” on humanity to replace the Kyoto Protocol may be doomed. The hundreds of billions spent on “climate” schemes every year would inevitably start drying up, too, bankrupting countless special interests that now depend on global-warming alarmism and hysteria.   

Already, the new Australian government has vowed to reject UN “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” as it works to dismantle wildly unpopular “carbon taxes” and “climate” machinations imposed under Labor Party rule. It also vowed not to adopt any more taxes or spend any more taxpayer funds on UN wealth-redistribution schemes orchestrated under the bogus guise of fighting discredited notions of “man-made global warming.” Of course, alarmists are throwing a temper tantrum, but around the world and among Australians, the new conservative-leaning coalition has been hailed for its bold stance against the hysteria. Analysts even say Australia is leading the way “back to sanity.”

Japanese authorities, meanwhile, recently announced that instead of working to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions, as previously promised, Japan will actually be increasing its CO2 output. As UN global-warming theories increasingly morph into a global laughing stock, even Russian and Canadian officials are reportedly putting up some tepid resistance to the UN’s grandiose “climate” plans. The climate-hysteria movement is literally in a meltdown over the growing defections, but the wheels are quickly coming off the “climate” bandwagon.

According to the almost comically alarmist U.K. Guardian, the “climate” extortion demands from third-world dictators and governments have “become the most explosive issue” at the UN global-warming summit. Apparently the negotiators have not been reading the news from the real world. The increasingly discredited British paper, which boasts of support from the controversial Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, represents among the last remaining “media” outlets still uncritically parroting the UN alarmism. Still, its “reporting” offers some insight into the ongoing climate machinations underway in Warsaw.

Now, the Guardianreported, the regimes ruling poorer nations are even threatening to “walk out” of the Warsaw talks if Western governments refuse to hand over more wealth extracted from their already-struggling taxpayers. The so-called “Least Developed Countries” (LDC), an alliance of 49 regimes — including the mass-murdering despot ruling over Sudan and myriad other unsavory rulers whose despotism has kept their populations in perpetual poverty — are demanding huge sums of loot from Western taxpayers in exchange for supporting the UN “climate” efforts.

“This is a red line for us,” threatened Munjural Khan, a spokesman for the 49-government outfit, referring to the obscene demand that taxpayers in more-developed counties start funneling even greater amounts of cash to oppressive third-world regimes. “We have been thinking of ways to harden our position, to the point of walking out of the negotiations.” In other words, Western governments better fork over the money — at least $100 billion per year to start with — or possibly lose their chance to foist a global carbon regime on the planet by 2015.   

Meanwhile, the communist dictatorship ruling over mainland China is also ramping up its demands — seeking at least $100 billion in climate booty per year by 2020, to be extracted from Western taxpayers. As Reuters reported in an article headlined “Rich nations must pay up if U.N. climate talks to succeed: China,” the ruthless regime is making threats that are similar to those made by the LDC coalition. According to the communist autocracy’s “chief climate negotiator,” Su Wei, if Western governments fail to hand over trillions of dollars to oppressive governments to deal with “climate change,” the UN scheme will not advance.

“We want to see a very clear roadmap … we want to see the actual and real provision of financial sources,” Su whined, demanding more money while calling on Western governments to continue gutting the economy by imposing ever-more draconian limits on economic activity under the guise of reducing CO2 emissions. A mere $100 billion per year “would be a very important starting point and key to the successful conclusion of the negotiation of a (post-)2020 agreement,” the Chinese Communist “climate” chief claimed.

In essence, the extortion threats mean governments in developed countries hoping to expand their powers and impose radical international treaties on their populations must pay up quickly. U.S. State Department documents released by WikiLeaks revealed that the U.S. government and the European Union super-state have long been bribing and bullying third-world regimes with taxpayer funds. It appears to have worked, but now the poorer governments are demanding even more.

The embarrassing schemes exposed by WikiLeaks were aimed at prodding reluctant governments into foisting “climate” shenanigans on their populations while securing support for a far-reaching global treaty covering every human on the planet. It remains to be seen whether the phony “battle” in Warsaw will result in Western powers capitulating to third-world despots, but resistance to the machinations is growing fast. 

Of course, if the third-world regimes made good on their threats and walked out of the UN summit, perhaps permanently killing the prospect of a global “climate” treaty, it would represent a huge blessing to the world. An estimated $360 billion was squandered on global-warming schemes last year alone — funds that could have been used for productive purposes in the market, for example, or to deal with real problems like hunger and healthcare. It remains unclear where all of the funds were wasted.  

However, the prospect of dictators, power-hungry Western powers, and the UN all giving up on their “climate” schemes now — even despite the implosion of the alleged “science” — remains very slim. Instead, as typically happens at UN conferences, the climate dignitaries will work into the night pretending to develop some sort of hard-won “compromise” that benefits all of the governments involved, at the expense of taxpayers and humanity at large. Then they will get back in their CO2-spewing limos and jets to go home.

With third-world despots emitting increasingly ridiculous demands for hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars for “climate change,” Western governments can pretend like they worked hard to protect their taxpayers — all while fleecing them. The climate, meanwhile, will continue to change, just as it always has. But rulers of developed nations can then seize more power over their populations while funding tyranny in poorer countries by handing huge sums to the ruling tyrants and their cronies. It works out well for everyone involved, except humanity as a whole and those paying the bills, of course.       

The Obama administration has been more than happy to play along even as credible polls consistently show that a sizeable majority of Americans do not even believe the UN’s discredited man-made global warming theories. “Our task now is to fashion a new agreement that will be ambitious, effective and durable,” claimed U.S. “special envoy for climate change” Todd Stern in a recent speech as the EPA was emitting lawless “climate” decrees set to further ravage America’s economy. “And the only way to do that is to make it broadly inclusive, sensitive to the needs and constraints of parties with a wide range of national circumstances and capabilities, and designed to promote increasingly robust action.”

Human emissions of the essential, life-giving gas CO2, which is exhaled by people and required for plants, continue to be blamed by the UN for alleged “global warming” — despite the fact that temperatures have not risen in almost two decades, debunking 73 out of 73 UN “climate” models. Man’s CO2 output, meanwhile, represents a mere fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gases naturally in the atmosphere. However, with so much riding on the UN’s climate theories — including the global body’s shattered credibility — alarmists are still maniacally hyping the discredited notions. 

The end goal, according to the UN, is to foist a so-called “carbon budget” on humanity to ration CO2 emissions and to secure a “complete transformation of the economic structure of the world,” devastating the poor as well as the global economy. To grease the process along, however, advanced-nation governments and regimes ruling undeveloped nations are plotting together to transfer ever-greater sums of taxpayer funds from the citizens of richer nations to the oppressive governments impoverishing poorer nations.

Of course, letting the would-be extortionists walk out of the Warsaw summit and turn their backs on the whole scam for failure to deliver enough “climate” loot would be ideal. It will not happen, though, unless people and scientists speak out loudly and forcefully against the ongoing swindle. The climate emperor still has no clothes, but the UN and its member governments, operating in a sort of bubble, will continue refusing to acknowledge that fact unless humanity yells it from the rooftops.

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