Someone Just Made A $147 Million Bitcoin Transaction | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Looks like someone's really bullish on Bitcoin. A transfer worth about $147 million was made Friday around 1 p.m. ET, making it the largest single Bitcoin transaction by value. Because the transaction is anonymous, it's unknown who's behind the transfer of 194,993.5 Bitcoins.

The story, which shot to the top of Hacker News, has many people wondering who's behind the move. The value of Bitcoin has been prone to fluctuating, reaching $729 as of this writing, up from less than $100 in early October. As Bitcoin gains ground, more companies have started accepting the cryptocurrency--the latest high-profile one being Virgin Galactic, which announced today that customers can pay for flights to space with Bitcoin. Earlier this week, the Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission began making arguments at a Senate committee hearing for Bitcoin's role as a real financial instrument.