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@garyrubinstein are they practicing bubbling?

—Jessica Roy (@jroy218) November 17, 2013

Twitchy’s CEO Michelle Malkin has been one of the more vocal critics of the imposition of Common Core standards on our schools. One of the controversial issues has to do with the emphasis on unorthodox (often unclear) paths to solutions, rather than simply asking kids to solve problems. Some parents are taking to Twitter to register their anger and confusion over the weird instruction their children are receiving, reportedly from Common Core-aligned curricula:

My daughter's kindergarten common core workbook.—Gary Rubinstein (@garyrubinstein) November 17, 2013

“@garyrubinstein: My daughter's kindergarten common core workbook.”; I don't get what the book wants a student to do.—Education Hawk (@EdHawk1) November 17, 2013

@leoniehaimson @PeterMDeWitt @edweek kids can't learn 6×8= 48 anymore its now 6×8=(5+1)x8Why the confusing work—nicole (@NicoleAgonicole) November 17, 2013

@garyrubinstein @leoniehaimson 1st grader's common core homework scanned with family commentary added.—e (@TheeErin) November 17, 2013

Here's a screen shot of the answer key for a questionable homework assignment from Common Core for 3rd grade grammar.—Colette Moran (@ColetteMoran) October 31, 2013

#commoncore. No wonder I can't help my daughter with her homework! Apparently 15-4=9 Gotta love @engageny quality—Ann Meyer (@annmeyer) October 31, 2013

Attn. Parents: Common Core homework makes it necessary to keep a supply of brass fasteners on hand @ home—Shawna Coppola (@ShawnaCoppola) October 25, 2013

Coles homework tonight. No explanations. Just this. #CommonCore#neveraskizzytohelpwithhomework—Kęrrÿ (@mom2lexcole) October 23, 2013

Poorly worded #commoncore homework question or are we overthinking? What's your answer?—Jon Hickey (@jhickey62) October 21, 2013

The flags in my kids math homework look a lot more like a Chinese flag then a us one. Its a common core worksheet.—lea (@mrs_flyboy) October 10, 2013

Is this really what should be taught in the schools? Be careful how you answer, or Secretary of Education Arne Duncan might accuse of being opposed to it just because you’re white and from the suburbs. Whether you are or not.


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