MIC me out to the Movies

Interesting what not eh? Someone does not like the pet critters being film kill............yes that is my word and if PETA or other terrorists use this word I will require a million dollar royalty.

 NYC SECRET: 1 million bodies buried in mass graves...

Invisible island for poor and unidentified...


We do not care about the dead people during the regimes, as this is really important in dead critters and the culprits being blamed.

Interesting that Mockingbird is now using the bun huggers to expose a direct attack upon the Obama voters who are the direct cause of Birther Hussein's occupation of a doomsday freezer.

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: 'LIFE OF PI' tiger 'damn near drowned'...27 animal deaths on 'THE HOBBIT'...Dog punched repeatedly in popular DISNEY movie...Secret emails, documents exposed...Spielberg protected by cover-up of 'WAR HORSE' death... MORE... 

What is interesting in this is the pissy pissing in all of this. Alec  Baldwin gets canned. Steven Spielberg gets nailed for dead nags. Someone was at the glam parties and did not get bent at the waist proper.

MIC is having an interesting effect in all of this as more and more of this money flow is being strangled and the MIC is taking things back. It should be interesting in that little nuclear war the Obama regime just staged in the Middle East.Yes give Iran full nuclear development and nuclear Saudi Arabia and Israel are just going to wait to be vaporized.

Well enough of this.........as animals which are not machines, but break down and die like machines when in use are now the dead horse being whipped to attack Obama liberal movie patrons.

Think of it all you hobbit fans on the left in your enjoyment came from killing poor critters.

Wars kill animals and abuse them, just like all the Scott Hennen types of North Dakota abuse their puppies by neglect as they have lives just like the Obama's never look at that Teddy Kennedy pooch who is neglected.

I am all for this MIC coup though. Nothing like smearing Hollywood for not bending at the waist properly for the real lords who rule the world. Nice the aristocrats are back and demanding more than Paris Hilton.

Yes there is road kill and now the Lame Cherry exposing all of this in FILM KILL>>>>>