Planned Parenthood Spends $3.2 Million To “Refresh” Their “Brand”…

Alternate headline: Planned Parenthood spends $3.2 million in futile attempt to wash the blood off their hands.

Via NRO:

. . . The abortion chain is spending millions to “refresh” the Planned Parenthood “brand.”

Under its top-ten moment titled “Pop Culture Influence,” Planned Parenthood gushes over an NBC show “depict[ing] the first abortion on a major network entertainment program in years.” The report goes on to note that “Planned Parenthood has also worked with major television programs and media outlets such as Girls and Cosmopolitan to promote our brand.” A look at its financial page shows that Planned Parenthood spent $3.2 million specifically to revamp its brand.

Other non-defined categories of expenses that did not exist in Planned Parenthood’s previous reports: $31.3 million to “Build Advocacy Capacity,” $1.5 million to “Renew Leadership,” and nearly $73 million to “Increase Access.”

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