Dick Cheney's friend Yasin al-Qadi, believed to be linked to 9 11, the Mumbai attacks and the CIA.

Links have been discovered between al Qaeda and Turkey's prime minister Recep Erdogan.

Yasin al-Qadi, who is an associate of al Qaeda,has entered Turkey multiple times escorted by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's protective detail and without a passport or visa.

Yasin al-Qadi escorted by PM's security detail,

Al Qadi is a businessman believed to have funneled millions of dollars to al Qaeda.

Chicago, where al Qadi met Osama bin Laden in 1979. Le Monde reported that the CIA recruited Osama in 1979 in Istanbul in Turkey. Al-Qaeda.

Al Qadi has extensive business and financial ties in Chicago.

He is a personal friend of Erdogan.

He is a suspect in the 9 11 attack.

Yasin al-Qadi - WikipediaRecep Tayyip Erdoğan and his friend Yasin al-Qadi

Thierry Meyssan writes of al-Qadi:

"We discover that this 'terrorist' has a lavish lifestyle, traveling by private plane and mocking UN sanctions against him. 

"At least four times, he visited Erdoğan in 2012, arriving at an Istanbul airport where, after the disconnecting of security cameras, he was welcomed by the head of the Prime Minister's guard without going through customs."The Turkish police and judges who have been looking into this case have been sacked by Erdogan.

Al-Qadi and Recep Erdogan 'have been financing al-Qaeda' in Syria.

Erdoğan received Al-Qaeda's banker in secret -6 January 2014.

Crypto-Jew Erdogan

Recently the Turkish police stopped a truck carrying weapons for Al-Qaeda near the Syrian border.

Apparently the weapons were being taken to al Qaeda by the Turkish secret service (MIT) and so the truck was allowed to continue its journey.

Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, and 'friend of the CIA'.

The Turkish aid for al Qaeda has links to an Iranian company.

The CIA and NATO "had accomplices in Tehran during the 'Iran-Contra' operation in former President Rafsandaji’s inner circles, such as Sheikh Rohani, who has become the current president.

Erdoğan received Al-Qaeda's banker in secret

Al Qadi's assets were frozen in Turkey on Sept. 28, 2001, after the U.S. named him as a financier of terrorism, following the 9/11 attacks.

Al Qadi is believed to have had a role in the three-day attacks on Mumbai in November 2008.