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The Very Reverend Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin is the chairman of the Synodal Department for the Cooperation of Church and Society of the Moscow Patriarchate, in addition to being a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and rector of St. Nicholas on the Three Hills Church, Moscow.


Vsevolod Anatolyevich Chaplin was born on March 31, 1968, into the family of an agnostic professor. He went to school in Golyanovo, Moscow.

After he graduated in 1985, he joined the staff of the Publishing Department of the Moscow Patriarchate. On recommendation of Metropolitan Pitirim, he entered the Moscow Theological Seminary, graduating in 1990.

From October 1990 to March 2009, he was in the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate, beginning as an ordinary fellow (1990-1991) before moving into public affairs (1991-1997), then being secretary (1997-2001) and vice-president (2001-2009). At the same time as being in the DECR, he continued studies at the Moscow Theological Academy, defending his thesis and graduating in 1994.

Vsevolod was ordained to the diaconate on April 21, 1991, and to the priesthood on January 7, 1992. He was elevated to archpriest in 1999.

Fr Vsevolod has no children.


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