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As criminal organizations become increasingly borderless, law enforcement agencies are turning to intelligence and analysis operations to help address the challenges presented by new trends such as oceans of social media data and volatile cyber attacks.

This intelligence-led policing model relies heavily on the ability of agencies to collect and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data, such as social media and video surveillance, in order to make well-informed decisions that can help reduce crime, minimize disruptions, and prevent incidents by developing and enforcing strategies that target prolific and serious offenders. Central to this philosophy is the ability for agencies to collaboratively share information in order to detect risks earlier at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Robust intelligence and analysis solutions provide a foundation for effective, end-to-end intelligence lifecycle and investigation models that can help knowledge workers, intelligence professionals, and public safety leaders investigate criminal activity more effectively than ever before. Microsoft’s CityNext initiative is helping to address these needs through on-premises and cloud offerings such as surveillance capabilities, source intelligence feeds, digital and lab forensics, crime pattern analyses, geographic information systems (GIS), cyber-patrolling search capabilities and much more to help global agencies gain deeper insight into multiple, complex, and multi-structured streams of information.

Alongside innovative partners like Bangkok-based Betimes Solutions and Melbourne, Australia-based Hardcat SaBRe, Microsoft has supported law enforcement agencies and related organizations with intelligence solutions that can mine large sets of structured and unstructured data quickly and effectively. Olton, a trusted partner based in the UK, provides software, global intelligence, and analytical services based on Microsoft’s Intelligence Framework and Big Data technologies, specializing in open source data analysis that enables informed and timely decision-making.

Recently, Microsoft and Betimes worked together to deliver intelligent and collaborative big data solutions to Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI), a division of the country’s Ministry of Justice. Before implementing the business intelligence tools in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (with Apache Hadoop technology), Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, it could take DSI officers up to two years to search for tips and gather and analyze data. With the Microsoft Big Data solution, it takes as little as 15 days – dramatically improving the efficiency of the agency’s investigating officers and the safety of the community.

Check back often to read more examples of how intelligence and analysis solutions are revolutionizing law enforcement efforts around the world. To ask questions, share ideas, or receive more information, please contact us at or @MicrosoftPSNS.


Dr. Andrew HawkinsManaging Director, Public Safety and Justice, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation