Who Is Involved and Why Should You Care?

Adam Carolla is leading the fight against Patent Trolls that are trying to shut down the Adam Carolla Show – AND ALL OTHER PODCASTS! Here’s why Adam needs your help:

Adam is being sued in Federal Court by Personal Audio. Personal Audio is not an ongoing business. The only reason Personal Audio exists is to sue every business imaginable … including Adam Carolla. That’s right, lawsuits are the only way that Personal Audio makes money!

Personal Audio, and companies like them, are known as Patent Trolls. Here’s how they work. First, Patent Trolls buy up broad based, general patents. Then The Trolls sue every business possible. Their claim is that their patents are being used without permission or compensation.

In Adam Carolla’s case, Personal Audio is claiming they own the patent for the delivery of all media over the Internet.  Therefore, Personal Audio claims that The Adam Carolla Show is guilty of patent infringement.

Personal Audio is also going after any other Podcast they believe can be shaken down for money. They have already made these same allegations against Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick and many others.

What Will Your Money Be Used For?

Winning this case is crucial for the survival of all Podcasting! If Adam Carolla loses this battle, then every other Podcast will be quickly shut down.


Because Patent Trolls like Personal Audio would use a victory over Carolla as leverage to extort money from every other Podcast.. As you probably know, Podcasts are inherently small, owner-operated businesses that do not have the financial resources to fight off this type of an assault. Therefore, Podcasts as we know them today would cease to exist.

Every dollar of your donation to the Save Our Podcasts Defense Fund will go towards the legal costs of defending The Adam Carolla Show against Personal Audio’s frivolous lawsuit.

This fund will be raised on the behalf of ALL PODCASTERS AND THEIR FANS, and send a crystal clear message to all patent trolls that we WON’T BACK DOWN!

Most importantly, your contribution will ALLOW YOUR FAVORITE PODCASTS TO REMAIN IN OPERATION!

Help David Beat Goliath!

When Personal Audio filed these frivolous claims against The Adam Carolla Show, they expected Adam to roll over and pay a financial settlement. Normally, this would be the only viable course of action (besides shutting down) as defending a lawsuit of this nature costs millions of dollars.

If Personal Audio had their way, every single Podcast including ‘The Adam Carolla Show’, ‘This American Life’ and “WTF with Marc Maron” would be faced with one simple choice. Either shut down or charge listeners to keep the lights on.

When Personal Audio filed these frivolous claims, they could never have imagined that thousands of people would band together on the Internet to wage this battle.

This is a chance for your voice to be heard. If you love Podcasts, and love the freedom of the Internet, we invite you to join us at this critical moment.

Your contribution and participation are GREATLY appreciated!

Find out more ways to get involved by emailing:


Adam was recently on The Howard Stern Show to rally the troops in this war  against  the Patent Trolls!  Check out this article from