On 18 March 2014, an unknown sniper' killed a 'self-defense member' (presumably pro-Russia) and a Ukrainian soldier near a military research centre in Crimea.

2 killed in shooting near Crimea military research center, sniper suspected

The 'suspected sniper' opened fire in two directions from a partially inhabited building near the military research centre in Simferopol.

The Kryminform news agency, citing an unnamed local police source, reports shooting came from a house under construction opposite the centre and targeted Crimean self-defense units as well the military centre itself.

According to a government source: "Earlier today self-defense units were informed that a group of armed men had been discovered in a partially inhabited building.

"As they were taking measures to check, self-defense units came under fire."

Staff inside the military centre confirmed that the shooting came from a nearby house under construction.

Earlier, Ukrainian servicemen reported that, on the previous night, unknown groups tried to break into several military bases, but self-defense units (pro-Russia) managed to prevent them from entering.

Kryminform’s police source did not rule out that anti-Russian provocateurs are at work.

The government of Ukraine (Nazi-Nato) claim that "Russian soldiers started shooting at Ukrainian servicemen".

"This is a war crime," Ukraine's Prime-Monster Arse Yatsenyuk told a meeting at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who remains the darling of the neocons, is known for harbouring and giving sanction to a large child pornography industry.Azov Films, of Toronto and Stafford Virginia, used primarily Russian and Ukrainian children from poor families or orphanages.