Gerlach for Congress


March 17, 2014



Lincoln, Calif.,- (March 17, 2014) Local Jeffrey Gerlach of Lincoln, California announced that he would be running for California’s 4th District Congressional seat after receiving confirmation today of meeting all requirements. After taking the oath to be on the ballot, Gerlach is taking to the campaign trail in an unprecedented manner.  Shifting the paradigm of running for office, Gerlach aims to win the primary with no donations; solely through the work of volunteers.

An independent, Gerlach asserts that out of his two competitors, Republican incumbent Tom McClintock and Republican challenger Art Moore, he alone will be free to vote his conscience to serve the people instead of the two party plutocracy. Gerlach asks for volunteers to support him, “We need social media volunteers to counter the excessive media buys that the Republican Party, and their operatives, will be financing to keep hold of the District. Join us and help make history!”

Gerlach asserts that party politics in Washington no longer serve the needs and wants of the 4th District constituents but now residents have the chance to make the change to avoid party politics and the corrupt system of election campaign financing. In the new open primary system in California Gerlach will be on the ballot with a “No Party Preference” designation that dates back to 1993 in County Records.

The incumbent opponent, Tom McClintock has been in office since 2009 and Gerlach believes change is long overdue. Recently being quoted as saying “If there is not a gun, it’s not a crime” in reference to financial crimes by big banks, McClintock is losing touch with his constituents. As McClintock avoids the conversation of corporate money funding Washington politics, this is the primary issue Gerlach wants to bring to Washington’s attention.

Gerlach asks volunteers to help bring this and other pressing issues to the forefront by following and retweeting on Twitter, spreading the word on Facebook and other social media and volunteering at events. More information can be obtained by messaging through Gerlach’s official website:

Jeffrey Gerlach is a single father and home owner in California’s 4th District who makes a living as an information technology analyst, helping companies with datacenters manage their presence on in the information superhighway since 1994.

California’s 4th District includes the Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties and includes portions of Fresno, Madera, Nevada and Placer Counties.