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By JC Collins

“This week, the US Congress again failed to approve a modest appropriation that would have shored up financing for the International Monetary Fund and given China and other emerging economies greater responsibility there. Support for the IMF may seem arcane, but it has important implications for America’s global role – and the signs are not good.”

From BusinessDay Website, Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

The shifting reality of the global economy is becoming more and more apparent.  With each passing day we are hearing and reading additional news and events which are leading the world towards the multilateral financial system.

Many of the discussion points and topics on this site have been spot on with many of the readers discovering supporting evidence well in advance of the mainstream media and other sites.  The hard work of everyone is making the overall picture clearer and clearer with each comment and link to outside sources.

The link above in the opening comments is from a mainstream source and is echoing most of the arguments made here.  It would be helpful for everyone to read the article as it helps bring the big picture even more into focus.

The whole world outside of the American Congress wants the IMF 2010 Reforms passed.  Watch the interview below from CNBC with the head of the Institute of International Finance.

The sovereign debt crisis is one of the leading indicators of the imminent financial system transition away from the dollar.  What is happening in the Ukraine and the forced regulations and cost increases heaped upon the people will be the blueprint for debt consolidation and re-structuring through the International Monetary Fund.

A part of these debt regulations will be increasing the capital requirements of banking institutions as defined in the Basel 3 requirements by the Bank for International Settlements.  Expect a contraction of credit as a direct cause and effect of Basel 3.$300_Billion_Subsidy.html?cid=38282438

The credit rating of nation states is now being downgraded because of the level of sovereign debt.  See:

Following on the heels of the credit rating decreases, we will also see the same multilateral approach applied to future credit rating systems.  Dagong Global will be one of the new multilateral global credit rating systems.  All that gold hasn’t gone to Asia by accident.

This brings up another possibility.  Could a US dollar devaluation be more important to the overall global sovereign debt restructuring than previously considered?  Perhaps that is the end game.  Devalue the dollar which will lay waste to much of the US debt sitting in the central banks around the world.

The countries holding this debt have negotiated an exchange for precious metals and control of natural resource production.  When gold stops moving its time to worry.

The American reluctance to pass the IMF 2010 Reforms is giving the world exactly what it requires to bypass the dollar and enact legislation which will support the emerging multilateral system.

Between currency swap arrangements, renminbi trading hubs, a Russian ruble payment system, new international credit rating agencies, and a sovereign debt level which can no longer be managed, its obvious that we are on the verge of a transition.

The dialectic division of IMF debt restructuring or BRICS bypassing will soon merge into the offered solution to the worlds financial ills.  In a true multilateral system,one country or a group of countries, cannot go it alone.  This is key to understanding the slight of hand which is taking place.  Remember, all countries, G20, BRICS, etc., are calling for the IMF Reforms.

The IMF is the tip of the spear.  And its poised to strike.

The death of the dollar may be a stretch, but it’s removal as the primary reserve currency of the world is inevitable.  We continue to wait and watch as the story unfolds before us.  – JC Collins

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