“Crisis” in Context: Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the TPP and the “Pivot to Asia”. A Geopolitical Thesis | American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

As the so-called “investigation” into the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 drags endlessly on, comically crawling to that all important 30-day mark when the beacon in the black-box can be readily reported as non-functioning and the search in the wrong places can be called off, one thing that no one seems to wish to mention in the corporate media is the political and economic context in which all of this happened.

A couple things are important to keep in mind as this thesis of mine is laid out.

This is what I mean when I write that the investigation has reached a comical state.

Now, all that said, it is practically impossible to conclude the investigation into the fate of those missing souls on Flight 370 has been anything but a series of distractions from the start. We don’t even have to go into the “shadowing of another plane” theory or the new one out, that the pilots decided to commit suicide by flying as far as they could and setting the plane down gently on the water so it would sink intact and never be found. You don’t really need distraction stories like these when the official ones are just as ridiculous.

It should be clear to most that the search for Flight 370 should never have strayed from the South China Sea and that it was deliberately diverted for reasons as yet unknown. The assumption you have to make when a suspect continues to change his alibi story is that he is hiding something. Potentially guilt. Yet in this case, not one single MSM outlet has dared to make that point.

As I have written before, the search needs to be rebooted back to the last known vector of the investigation we know it had yet to be corrupted by the virus of deceit. Back into the South China Sea where it went off the transponder and where the witness saw it burn. That’s my statement to that aspect of all of this.

However, there is always the question of “why?”

Any investigation, this one not excluded, needs a measure of attention to be focused on motive.

In this case, we have two lines of investigation that need to be addressed: motive for the possible deliberate downing of Flight 370 and the motive for the cover-up and diversion that we clearly see taking place.

I submit to you that the two may be more closely linked than you think.

I present for your consideration … the Pivot to Asia and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

History is replete with examples of military leaders succumbing to the seduction of the Economic Hit-men. From Pinochet to al Sisi, our best neoliberal dictators are often crafted from the greedily ambitious indigenous  military stock of a targeted nation. They often possess the loyalty of the military and thus the raw power to overthrow the mechanisms of power in whatever country our Chicago Boys happen to lust after at the time.

This is not a new concept or necessarily a foreign one. Go back to the Business Plot of 1934 right here in this country when big business and the oligarchs approached the most decorated and beloved military figures of the time in order to lure him into a violent coup in order to derail the New Deal and install what could only be described as a fascist putsch right here in America. They offered him half a million men and all the money in the world just so long as when he controlled the keys to the kingdom, he did their bidding, to their ends.

Unfortunately for them, they picked a man who was truly dedicated to the oath he took and Smedley Butler turned them in and their fascist coup was foiled before it began.

Let us go back and look at the political and economic environment in which Flight 370 disappeared. You will recall, Flight 370 went down on March 8th of this year.

What was happening in the lead-up to that disappearance?

February 25th, 2014

Malaysia continues to seek flexibility and carve outs in the ongoing Trans Pacific Partnership to deal with its areas of concerns such as bumiputera issues, government procurement, environment, labour, intellectual property rights and state owned enterprises. New Straits Times

There is a transition in progress in case a few of you didn’t notice. It’s what we conspiracy theorists call the New World Order. And people like George H. W. Bush call it a “big idea”

The ‘big idea” is that the world will be run by unelected oligarchs gleaned from the business class of the .01%. A world in which international borders of sovereign states no longer exist as barriers to international trade. A world where 192 individual constitutions are brought in-line with wishes of the elites so they can pose no threat their personal profits. A world, in short, dominated by a few at the expense of the many.

Imagine a world in which labor laws, environment protection laws, intellectual property rights, even civil rights are all dictated by the heads of various corporate interests and institutions like ALEC, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable… and you pretty much get the picture. Imagine a world where Walmart, Haliburton, GE and BP are accountable to no one no matter what damage they do. A world where the TranCanada pipeline will run through your back yard like it or not if it’s in their stock-holder’s interests and where you will be mandated to spend 15% of your income every month buying useless stuff you don’t need in order to support the “national interests” of overseas oligarchs.

Could you imagine a world where Goldman Sachs can force any nation to require all of their pension funds to be invested in whatever derivative they desire? Where CNN can demand occupied bandwidths and force local news networks to close so they and they alone can pitch their version of the truth to every nation?

Can you imagine a world where Monsonto’s GMOs cannot be rejected no matter how many citizens oppose them?

Can you imagine these things? Because they can.

Globalization is a prettier name for it. But in the end, it is the same new world order us “dangerous” conspiracy theorists have been writing about over the years.

The way forward for these titans, these masters of the universe, they have decided, is through trade agreements. Secret trade agreements that impose their wishes on the targeted nations by usurping not only the democratic process but also the rule of law in those countries. The trade agreements seek to overrule any and all constitutional protections of the interests of the people in favor of foreign financial and corporate interests.

Understandably, these agreements are often opposed by citizens of every country they effect. The vast majority at least. That is why the details of such agreements are being kept secret, hidden from the people.

The TPP is a proposed trade agreement under negotiation by (as of August 2013) Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam

… A leaked set of draft documents indicates that public concern has had little impact on the negotiations.[65] These documents also indicate there are strong disagreements between the United States and negotiating parties on the issues of intellectual property, agricultural subsidies, and financial services. Wiki page on the TPP

Let’s take this in context of other international developments.

Egypt’s elected president was replaced by our neoliberal puppet al Sisi because he was moving toward an international agreement with Russia and China in what he called the “E-BRICS” agreement. He had refused to take out a loan with the IMF and pushed for the anti-neoliberal constitution which protected the rights of the Egyptian people. That constitution was tossed out by the illegal dictator and IMF austerity adjustments, all of which are included in our trade agreements these days, are being implemented as the dictator recently sentenced over 500 opposition members to death.

Take a look at Ukraine.

They rejected a proposal to join the EU. Immediately, our NGOs set to work on a color revolution using some of the most brutal and racist members of the Ukraine’s community in order to undermine the elected government and align the nation with the EU. The military sat back and did nothing while these fascist thugs attacked citizens, police and government officials alike. Their silence and inaction was belied their complicity.

Why is that relevant? Well aside from the IMF loans they are taking out as we speak which were also rejected by the elected and legitimate government of Ukraine, there is the little matter of the TTIP.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Once the Ukraine is fully assimilated into the EU and they sign the TTIP agreement, effectively, the Ukraine will cease to exist in any meaningful way. The same holds true for all the nations of the EU as it does the U.S.

And that is the point of the color revolution in Ukraine… a color revolution that was facilitated by the inaction of their military leaders.

That same inaction is not taking place in Venezuela right now. They have vowed to thwart the color revolution which is currently underway down there. To their credit.

Turning back to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370...

Who is taking the brunt of the blame at this point for the problematic “investigation” as far as our complicit Vichy media is concerned?

Is it the military? The airlines themselves? No. It’s the Malaysian government. Why is that? Did they create the secret Inmasat data? Did they announce the unidentified radar track of that plane heading back to Butterworth Air Force Base? Do they keep presenting pictures of garbage in the garbage patch or attempt to blame the pilots every other day?

No. They aren’t behind any of those distractions that turn out to be false leads.

They have cleared the pilots, shooting down the FBI’s “terrorism” story. They have released ACARS data which shows there was no left turn plotted into the on-board computer.

Basically, they have been a thorn in the side of those trying desperately to craft a certain narrative yet to be honest, they still refuse to refocus the search back to where it should have remained, in the South China Sea.

So why would they do that?

Well, with an election coming up, at this point with all the deliberate distractions being laid at their feet, rightly or wrongly, they understand that to expose the accidental shooting down of Flight 370 and the subsequent cover-up that followed would have a certain political price attached to it.

But what if it wasn’t an accident?

What if their political and democratic opposition to the TPP is what instigated that accidental downing in the first place? Is it possible that a military leader in the country took a different approach to facilitating social, economic and political change in Malaysia? Did someone deliberately set-up the current political structure with a deliberate act and obvious cover-up knowing the political ramifications for the incumbent party would be catastrophic?

In order to really dig into that possibility, we have to first try to understand how important this region is to the masters of the universe. For that we have to address the “Pivot to Asia”

February 10, 2014

The basic logic behind the “pivot” – the word given to the new focus on Asia by then secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2011 – was straightforward. Not only has Asia become the cockpit of the global economy, but the rise of China and its military build-up have raised tensions.

With the war in Iraq over and the conflict in Afghanistan winding down, the US realised it needed to raise its game in Asia if it were to maintain its influence in the region.

China’s announcement in December of an air defence identification zone covering the East China Sea and the way it assumed control of the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea in 2012 indicated an intention to gain greater control over the seas that surround it – and in the process, squeeze the US navy further out into the Pacific Ocean. Financial Times

Clearly, the TPP is a large part of this pivot to Asia which is a crucial aspect of their projected new world order. But not only that, when you look at Malaysia in terms of it’s control the waterways in that area, you can see where having them locked into the trade agreement becomes so important.

If you take a look at this map from 2011 you will see that China is the top global exporter and importer and that disputed area which the pivot to Asia centers on, is key to their trade in half world from Europe to the Middle East to Africa.

The TPP includes Singapore, Australia and all the other ports and waterways that would have to be utilized were trade agreements with Malaysia to falter. Effectively, the great powerhouse of international trade would effectively be at the mercy of the U.S. and their TPP trade partners once that deal is signed. The only shipping lanes the Chinese would have were the routes to their west to become to expensive or shut off entirely, would be to the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico… all of whom are our trade partners as well.

China, and more importantly, their trade, would be at the mercy of our global alliance.

That, friends, is the Pivot to Asia in a nutshell. That and all the international profits the masters of the universe can imagine.


Is it possible that Flight 370 was downed in order to force either compliance from the current government on the TPP in pursuit of the Pivot to Asia or a slightly different regime change agenda with the same goal in mind?

I don’t know. But I do know, now, that there is a furious trade war taking place right now in that region that will literally determine the fate of billions of people on this planet. An agenda is in play crafted by folks way above our pay-grade.

It is more than fair to wonder about how this plane went down considering the Herculean effort to distract, derail and ultimately undermine the search and recovery efforts.

And I will leave you with this for your consideration as well. Enhancing our control of these territorial trade routes is viewed by leaders as a matter of national security and in our “national interests”

February 4th, 2014

The Obama administration is directly responsible for dangerously stoking up tensions in the South China Sea. Previously marginal territorial disputes were thrust into the international limelight by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She told a summit meeting of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2010 that the US had “a national interest” in ensuring “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea. Clinton’s remarks cut directly across China’s efforts to resolve the disputes bilaterally and encouraged ASEAN countries, particularly the Philippines and Vietnam, to more assertively press their claims against China.

The Obama administration has exploited the South China Sea disputes as part of its “pivot to Asia” that is aimed at undermining Chinese influence in the region and encircling it militarily with bases and allies. Clinton’s statement was the means for driving a wedge between ASEAN members. This was revealed most graphically when the organisation failed to agree on a final communiqué in 2012, for the first time in 45 years, amid bitter feuding over the South China Sea.

The US response to the Asahi Shimbun article is just the latest attempt to fuel tensions in the South China Sea. Last month, the Obama administration denounced new fishing regulations adopted by the provincial administration in China’s Hainan province as “a provocative and potentially dangerous act” even though provincial authorities made clear that only seas immediately adjacent to islands under China’s control would be affected. (See: “US inflames row with China over fisheries regulations”)

If I have learned anything over the past 7 years of running this blog, I have learned that nothing happens in the world of geopolitics in a vacuum and that there are rarely any real coincidences. PNAC’s call for a “new Pearl Harbor type event” lays that bare for all to see… if one is so inclined to view the world as it is.

This plane disappeared right at the tip of one of the most controversial maritime border disputes at a time when that very dispute threatens a good chunk of the new world order, the “Big Idea” laid out so many years ago. Those taking the brunt of the blame right now are the same as those in Egypt and Ukraine who dared offer resistance to that order.

All of this taking shape in the month just prior to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Coincidence? Unfortunately, I doubt it.

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