[Jeez. About time.] Microsoft Is Bringing Back The Start Menu To Windows 8.

Microsoft will soon do an about-face and bring back the classic "Start menu" to Windows 8. The catch is, the Start Menu is not coming with Microsoft's next update to Windows 8, which will be available April 8.

It should be in the next version of Windows, coming later this year. The good news that means it will be made available to all Windows 8 users. It will not be a feature only found on new Windows 8 PCs.

Microsoft was hoping to convince Windows users to prefer its Start screen filled with tiles. In the last version of Windows it added the Start Button back, but that didn't launch the old-fashioned menu, it simply brought people to the tiles.

At the Microsoft Build conference, its big developers conference taking place in San Francisco this week, Microsoft showed off the return of the Start Menu.

It looked like this:

Kyle Russell/Business Insider