Post security and Austin police train for active shooter at Camp Mabry | Austin News & Weather | Austin Texas, Round Rock, TX |

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s the worst-case scenario. Someone armed and shooting in a public place.

Now, armed with better training and knowledge, soldiers at Camp Mabry know how to protect their post if it happens there.

It’s the training they hope they never need.

Camp Mabry security forces and Austin police officers worked together Wednesday to stop an active shooter on post.

In this scenario one shooter is loose in a building and several soldiers are down.

“Active shooter is a real contingency we could potentially face here in city,” said Lt. Col. Les Davis. “And we could at some point in future potentially face this at Camp Mabry.”

Davis says this training was put into place after the Navy Yard and Fort Hood tragedies. The scenarios are just like what would happen in real life, with Austin police officers at the ready to help.

“Our security force will be first response on post,” Davis said. “Learning how the Austin Police Department’s counteractive shooter team will respond is essential.”

“It’s imperative that workplaces practice what to do in event of active shooter,” said Lt. Justin Newsom with the Austin Police Department. “When the shooting starts and coworkers are being killed next to you, it’s a little late at that point to try and decide what you’re going to do.”

This day ends with the shooter in handcuffs. Buidling 11 is secure again.

A report released Tuesday by the Pentagon found that more threats to military posts are coming from within.