Red Saharan dust cloud reaches Germany

A milky-red sunrise over the Elbe in Hamburg on Thursday morning. Photo: DPA

Published: 03 Apr 2014 13:14 GMT+02:00Updated: 03 Apr 2014 13:14 GMT+02:00

Dust from the Sahara reached large parts of Germany on Thursday, as parts of the country woke up to what weather experts described as a milky-red sky, and dirty cars.

Weather service the DWD initially measured around 30 micrograms per cubic metre in Upper Bavaria on Wednesday, an amount which meteorologist Frank Wagner confirmed “was more than normal".

Fine red dust particles have been blowing up from the Sahara Desert and, up until now, largely coating London in a film of dust.

But the DWD said that Germans are experiencing a similarly dusty film on their cars as the dust makes its way over Morocco, then France and arrives in the south and western states. Hamburg in the north of the country woke up on Thursday morning to a dusty red sky.

The concentration of dust should, Wagner said, reach a high point in the evening.

Sahara dust normally reaches Germany about once a month, but it is normally in a much lower concentration.

Spring is a common time for the phenomenon, said Wagner. He added that the desert dust particles were “smaller than water droplets” with a circumference of between five to 10 micrometres each.

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A milky-red sunrise over the Elbe in Hamburg on Thursday morning. Photo: DPA

Dust from the Sahara reached large parts of Germany on Thursday, as parts of the country woke up to what weather experts described as a milky-red sky, and dirty cars. READ () »

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