FAA ISSUES NOTICE ABOUT UNDERWATER LOCATING DEVICES - US Fed News Service, Including US State News | HighBeam Research

WASHINGTON, March 5 -- Federal Aviation Administration has issued a notice called: Underwater Locating Devices (Acoustic) (Self-Powered).

The notice, published in the Federal Register on March 5 by Susan J. M. Cabler, Assistant Manager, Aircraft Engineering Division, Aircraft Certification Service, states: "This is a confirmation notice for the planned revocation of all Technical Standard Order authorizations issued for the production of Underwater Locating Devices (Acoustic) (Self-Powered) manufactured to the TSO-C121 and TSO-C121a specifications. These actions are necessary because the planned issuance of TSO-C121b, Underwater Locating Devices (Acoustic) (Self-Powered), minimum performance standard (MPS) will increase the minimum operating life of Underwater Locating Devices from 30 days to 90 days. …