Could US really export nat gas to Ukraine?

And although that scenario could play out, after talking withCheniere EnergyCEO Charif Souki it doesn't sound as if it will happen anytime soon.

"The process (to build a plant) takes many years," Souki said. "Just to plan and organize the projects takes at least 2-3 years given the permitting. From there, you're looking at another 4-5 years."

Although there are plants already under construction and coming online as soon as 2016, most of their output is already spoken for. It's not until 2020 that the industry will have the facilities necessary for the Ukraine scenario to play out.

However, buying stocks is about future possibility and profitability and when all is said and done, Cheniere Energy appears well positioned to profit from these circumstances. "Cheniere is the leading player," Cramer said.

Therefore Cramer believes Cheniere belongs on your radar.

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"I've been behind this stock, as well as its high-yielding subsidiary, Cheniere Energy Partners, for ages," Cramer said "However, the stock is up 31% year to date, so before you buy it up here, make sure you do your homework."