Interesting – Within Hours Of Reid/China Report, FEDS Back Away From Nevada Cattle Ranch

Mere coincidence?  Perhaps, but what cannot be denied is Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s absolute silence during the nearly week long standoff between the Bundy family and armed federal authorities who surrounded his ranch and were actively rounding up his cattle.  Bundy still faces a million dollars in land use fines, lost cattle, destruction of his property by BLM operatives, and perhaps the ongoing ire of a certain, high ranking, U.S. Senator.

(via InfoWars)

The federal government backed down and ended their siege against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy less than 24 hours after an Infowars exposé connecting the land grab to Harry Reid and a Chinese-backed solar farm went viral, becoming the biggest news story on the Internet.

…This morning, the Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, Douglas Gillespie, announced to thousands of Bundy supporters gathered in Bunkerville that a deal had been brokered with Cliven Bundy that would see the BLM cease its roundup of the rancher’s cattle.

A press release has already been put forth that the BLM is going to cease this operation,” stated Gillespie, to a huge roar from the crowd of Bundy supporters.

Further reports established that, “the BLM wants to proceed with the sale of the cattle already gathered during the roundup but is reportedly willing to share the revenue from the sale with Bundy.”

This represents a huge victory in the fight against big government and the federal agenda to seize public land in the name of pursuing notoriously corrupt and wasteful “green energy” projects.

It serves to remind us of the power of media spotlight and grass roots activism in affecting real change.

The victory also illustrates the increasing irrelevance and declining influence of mainstream media. The national corporate media was forced to reluctantly carry this story only in the last couple of days, before which it had already generated a firestorm of interest solely as a result of grass roots media like, Drudge and other burgeoning independent news outlets.

If this operation was a test on behalf of the feds of where Americans draw their line in the sand, then the outcome spells disaster for big government, which has been handed a huge defeat in the battle to restore constitutional freedoms and property rights in the face of out of control tyranny.  LINK


The Info Wars report is right in that this was not only a victory for the Bundy family, but the alternative media that pushed the story out there to millions, and forced the Mainstream Media to give it recognition.  This in turn placed increasing pressure upon Nevada officials, and then federal authorities, including a likely “uh-oh” moment within the Obama White House itself.

Such victories may prove short lived though, so continued vigilance is required.  But for now, all of you readers who took to this cause so quickly, deserve much praise for doing so.  Each voice is part of a greater cause, and in that, there is far more power than any yet realize.

As for the allegations of Harry Reid having connections to the attempted land grab via a Green Energy schemed involving Chinese manufacturers, I would say anything is more than possible with those who control leadership positions within the current Democratic Party.  And certainly the timing of the Feds backing off of the conflict so soon after the Reid/China story broke, gives that possibility even more credence.    -UM




“Fellow patriots take notice, Mr. Ulsterman has penned prophecy!” -Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong   LINK

For all who yearn for liberty and freedom, their story is our story…