Company | Codenomicon Defensics

"The Codenomicon tools are amazing. Using them is like being attacked by the most relentless adversary who uses every possible method to find flaws in your code

We fixed subtle crash bugs in Samba that had been in the code for over ten years. We would never have found those bugs without the Codenomicon tools.

If you're serious about implementing protocols correctly, you need the Codenomicon tools."

-- Jeremy Allison,   Co Creator of Samba

Howard A. Schmidt, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Howard A. Schmidt is Former Cybersecurity Coordinator and Special Assistant to the President of the United States. He has had a long distinguished career in defense, law enforcement and corporate security spanning more than 40 years, bringing with him experience in business, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, privacy, academia and international relations. As the Presidents’ advisor, Schmidt was responsible for coordinating interagency cybersecurity policy development and implementation and coordinated engagement with federal, state, local, international and private sector cybersecurity partners. Previously, he was Chief Security Strategist for the US CERT Partners Program for the National Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security (DHS). His private-sector experience includes serving as Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Security Strategist at eBay and as Chief Security Officer for Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, Schmidt served in leadership roles in the U.S. Air Force and FBI. He has been featured as a cyber-security expert on various international media outlets including ABC, CNN, CNBC, and Fox TV. Schmidt is co-author of "The Black Book on Corporate Security" and author of "Patrolling CyberSpace, Lessons Learned from a Lifetime in Data Security".

Ari Knuuti, Co-Founder and VP, Business Development

Mr. Ari Knuuti has held the VP of Business Development position at Codenomicon Ltd since 2002. Prior to joining the company he participated in managerial training and education at the University of Oulu. He has a key role in developing Codenomicon Ltd to become a prominent and globally recognized start-up in software testing automation.

Sandeep Kapadia, Partner, Prime Ventures

Mr. Sandeep Kapadia joined Prime Ventures at formation in 1999. Sandeep has over 20 years of experience in investing, venture capital, operational senior management & board level decision making. He has provided ongoing support to portfolio companies by hiring senior key managers and initiating strategic partnerships. Before joining Prime Ventures, he held various senior management positions with Baan Company including Sales Channel Management & International Marketing for 6 years. Mr. Kapadia earned a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Bombay University and an MBA degree from Rotterdam School of Management and J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Henrik Aspén, Partner, Verdane Capital

Mr. Henrik Aspén joined Verdane Capital Advisors' Stockholm office after the 2005 portfolio acquisition from Skandia Liv. Mr. Aspén is in charge of Verdane Capital's activities in Finland. He has been active in the acquisition of several new direct investment portfolios and he works closely with companies such as Codenomicon, Mantacore and Prenax Global. Prior to Verdane Capital, Mr. Aspén served as an investment manager at Prosper Capital/Skandia Liv. He also has experience in finance and management consulting.