Putin, earlier accused of being a CIA agent, demands from Mr. Snowden to stop exposing CIA crimes - Kavkazcenter.com

According to the KGB media in Russia, Putin said on July 1 that "if he [Snowden] wants to remain here there is one condition - he should stop his work aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners".

It is to be recalled that the Putin's gang of the KGG-FSB forcedly holds the American dissident Snowden in Russia without giving him an opportunity to travel to Cuba, Ecuador or Venezuela. Currently, the Russian FSB and American CIA are in secret talks about what to do with Mr. Snowden, media reported.

"This a treacherous statement by Putin", commented the statement of Russian leader an American citizen, The Hammer, in the Twitter of the Moscow correspondent of The Guardian Miriam Elder.


Moscow correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, Tom Parfitt, is perplexed: "What do Putin's words mean, "if he wants to stay here". Does Putin mean at the airport or in Russia proper?"

Elder says that most likely the airport since Putin said earlier that Snowden had not crossed the Russian border.

Later, Elder said that a consular officer at the Moscow airport confirmed a report by the New York Times that Snowden had applied for political asylum in Russia.


Elder commented: "Russian wires, after engaging in weeklong campaign of misinformation in this case, saying Snowden didn't apply for asylum. Kind of amazing how much the Russian wires (Interfax, ITAR-Tass, RIA) discredited themselves over the past two weeks. They provided so much bad info, based on unclear sourcing, that when they denied asylum report today, no one believed them".


It is to be noted that in early 2000, influential Western mainstream media reported that Putin was recruited in 1980's by the West Germany foreign spy agency of the BND when he served in the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany and regularly traveled the west. BND, in turn, handed the valuable agent Vladimir Putin to the CIA.

While working for the KGB in Germany, Putin underpaid Russian agents, recruited by him in the west. He forced them to sign receipts for the full amount of their salaries allocated to them by the Moscow KGB, while putting the difference in his own pocket.

A large number of detailed articles on Putin's secret work for the KGB and the CIA was published, in particular, in Austrian political magazine NEWS (in German). Putin often traveled to the country from East Germany where he was stationed.

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