Yatsenyuk could be controlled by CIA through Scientology (audio)

In this program of Burning Point we’re exploring a hidden religious agenda behind Maidan and Unkrainian crisis with Professor Alexander Dvorkin, a Russian-American anti-cult activist, Vice-President of the European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism, and Maurizio Torrealta, investigative journalist based in Italy.

Professor Alexander Dvorkin:

Actually, there is quite a serious and noticeable religious factor in the recent developments in Ukraine, as far as I can see. There are several religious groups and several religious cults which play quite a prominent role in those events.

What we know is that Yatsenyuk, before his political career he did take several scientology courses and paid for it. It is when he was in the banking career. What it means? The basic scientological procedure or act is the so-called auditing. Each scientologist has to go through auditing many-many times. It is of course quite expensive and each auditing session lasts for between 2 and 4 hours. And people go over and over, and over.

The session is conducted with the help of a device which scientologists call electro-psychometer, which is sort of a primitive form of a lie detector. And people have to tell everything that they’ve done during their lives, everything that they are ashamed of, all their sexual history, all their most hidden thoughts and desires, whatever violations of the law that they could have done and everything that happened also to their relatives, to their friends, to their acquaintances and everything.

And all this is being recorded in audio and video. Every person gets its own file in a scientology archive and it is kept, and the information is added to each person’s file. So, if, and which is very likely, Yatsenyuk went through auditing, then definitely scientology has something to control him.

It is no secret that scientology as of 1994 has been cooperating very closely with the CIA of the United States of America. The State Department of the USA lobbies the interests of scientology in all the countries of the world. And scientology, apparently, shares some of the information it gathers with the central intelligence agency. So, it means that, at least in Yatsenyuk’s case, he could be controlled by the CIA.

Alas, but cults became a very important factor in the international politics. And it is used by several governments, first of all, and mostly by the US as a factor of international pressure, as an attempt to apply pressure to those governments that they disagree with and as their agents of influence.