VIDEO-Levi's CEO Says If You Wash Your Jeans, You're Wearing Them Wrong

WorldLauren Martin •May 20, 2014 -4:56pm

If you want to keep your jeans from shrinking, stretching, fading or tearing, just don’t wash them.

At least, that’s how one CEO keeps his customers from complaining about the deteriorating nature of their jeans.

The CEO of Levi, Chip Bergh, recently admitted at a Fortune conference that he has not washed his jeans in over a year and he suggests the same for his customers.

Like pans and college floors, there’s no reason to wash anything; it will only detract from the flavor and overall experience.

The jeans enthusiast suggests freezing your jeans once a month to keep them from smelling and, of course, there’s always the foolproof plan of Febreze and Axe.

H/T: Business Insider 

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