About- Vianovo

  • Direct EngagementOur senior leaders deliver hands-on service in every client relationship. We don't show up at proposals and then hand off engagements to junior staff.

  • Deep CollaborationWe don't have all the answers and don't pretend to. Some of our best work has come from helping clients articulate and bring their own ideas to life.

  • Focus on actionWe like to make things happen, not make reports sit on shelves. This often means speaking hard truths to senior management to break false concerns.

  • Clear CommunicationWe don't like consulting jargon and try to avoid it. We agree with Winston Churchhill that "...short words are the best, and old words best of all."

  • Fact-based analysisWe are data-driven people. We value facts and experience, not intuition and theory - this often leads us to challenge long-held beliefs.

  • Sense of PerspectiveOur clients work hard. We work hard. The work is important, but life's short. A sense of humor and understanding of life beyond work is part of our DNA.

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