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Even if you hate Alex Jones, if are part of any anti-government subculture, the Las Vegas shootings are going to be used against you. This isn't speculation. It has already started.

Alex Jones is a divisive personality, even within the anti-government/conspiracy subcultures. In fact, I find that his most aggressive detractors are found in these circles. Just mention his name in the wrong forum and you can expect a flurry of accusations. Most of these accusations fall into one of two categories: he's a Zionist agent (because his wife is Jewish), or he's a government shill being used to discredit "the movement" (I put "the movement" in quotations because everyone seems to have a different definition of what "the movement" actually is).

I speak from experience here. Due to my criticisms of the U.S. government, and the work I do exposing their mischief, I have a large number of anti-government and conspiracy oriented individuals in my audience, some of them are Alex Jones fans, some of them absolutely hate his guts. I've never seen the debate between these two contingents end well, so I generally avoid opening that can of worms. The Las Vegas shootings however call for an exception.

Why? Because the Las Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller were indeed Alex Jones fans, I have verified this personally, and their political opinions match a frequency that I encounter quite often in anti-government circles. Unfortunately, the connection is not tenuous. I've traced Jerad and Amanda's social media interactions back through 2010, and they are consistent with the profiles of anti-government activists.

Alex Jones, of course, immediately called the shooting a false flag. That's no surprise. The attempt by the media to create an association between the killers and anti-government, conspiracy theorists comes as no surprise either. This exchange has played it out so many times you could almost write the headlines in advance, however this time is different.

Why do I say that? Because the links between Alex Jones and Jerad Miller and anti-government ideas are substantial. Jerad was a dedicated fan who regularly posted Infowars links and images on Facebook, and these posts go back two years. He even wrote a long post on the forum entitled "The Police (to kill or not to kill?)" Incredibly that post not only didn't get taken down when it was written back in 2012, and it still hasn't been taken down even after the story broke (at the time of this writing the post can still be accessed). Now granted, that post related to the use of force against an officer entering a home illegally, but from an outside perspective it looks very bad, especially in the current context.

Furthermore Jerad was present at the Bundy ranch showdown and he talked to the media.

Of course people could say "how convenient", (the insinuation being that this appearance in Nevada was staged) but Jerad and Amanda moved to Las Vegas back in January of 2014, which was long before the Bundy ranch showdown. So if it was just a setup, it was planned long in advance. The average person isn't going to buy that.

I'm not writing any of this to insinuate that the shootings were somehow caused by Alex Jones. I don't believe anything of the sort. I'm writing this because this info is publicly available, and is already being used to frame anti-government ideologies as a precursor to domestic terrorism. This is especially important considering that Eric Holder just recently announced that he intends to build a task force to deal with "Homegrown terrorism". Ironically on June 3rd, Jerad Miller posted a link to the LA Times article talking about that task force.

Just four days later Jerad (or someone with access to his account) posted this: "The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it." That was his last post. It's also his most shared post.

Looking at their posts gave me chills, not because of any shocking or creepy content (like that last post), but because they were familiar. I've seen almost every single meme on his page shared in activist circles, and his comments are virtually indistinguishable from the kind you can find on any freedom/patriot/anti-government/conspiracy/pro-gun forum or group. Scrolling down through the posts made by Amanda and Jerad over the past two years, the most unsettling thing that I saw were the memes that they posted related to mass shootings. I say unsettling, because Amanda and Jerad were clearly aware of the fact that mass shootings were being used as a pretext to institute gun control, and they were both adamant supporters of the 2nd amendment. So why then would they go on a shooting spree when they knew for a fact that this would be used to push anti-gun legislation? It doesn't make any sense.

I took the following meme images from Amanda and Jerad's facebook profiles:

This extreme contradiction doesn't sit right with me.

When I have questions regarding a particular event, the first thing I do is to look for raw footage, and that's what I did here as well. However so far I've found nothing, not on youtube, not on the mainstream news, no cctv, not even a shaky mobile phone video. No one has uploaded any footage or images of the shootings.

How is that possible? How do two people walk into a restaurant, shoot two cops and then go to a store and kill someone else without anyone getting any video? This is 2014, everyone has a camera, and there are cameras on virtually every street corner. Furthermore every Walmart parking lot and store have cameras covering the entire premises. This Walmart was no exception.

Very strange.

The problem with stories like this, is that when we're told that the suspects committed suicide, no evidence of guilt is really expected or necessary. Why? Because to question their guilt would be to imply that the suspects may have been murdered, and that this was part of some kind of nefarious plot organized by the government itself. That prospect is way too outlandish for the average person to even contemplate, especially if you don't have hardcore evidence to back up your claims.

Speculation definitely isn't going to cut it in this case. The burden of proof lies squarely on the shoulders of those who would claim the official story is a lie (sorry Alex).

At this point the real question now is how far the demonization campaign will be taken, and whether it will get enough traction to justify the creation of new laws or institutions. My guess is that Eric Holder's homegrown terrorism task force is just the beginning. This case provides the perfect mix of what some will refer to internet radicalization and gun violence. That's a recipe for trouble.

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