Battle For The Net


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Congress & the FCC must hear from all of us before the new deadline, 11:59pm Friday.

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They are Team Cable

Cable companies are famous for high prices and poor service. Several rank as the most hated companies in America. Now, they're attacking the Internet–their one competitor and our only refuge–with plans to charge websites arbitrary fees and slow (to a crawl) any sites that won't pay up. If they win, the Internet dies.

We are Team Internet

Unlike cable channels, sites don't need to negotiate deals to get on the Internet. That changes if cable companies get their way at the FCC. We need to stand up and defend an Internet that is fair, and equal. Are you in?

Take action now

Understand the battle

Leave it to comedians. If you're looking to understand Team Cable's plans for the Internet, watch this video. Nobody explains it better than John Oliver.

Political scoreboard

Team Cable has the money, so they have the power. They've been lobbying Congress and the FCC for years, and now they're calling in their favors. Here's where our leaders stand. We're losing. But public pressure works.

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Net neutrality is the First Amendment of the Internet, the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data equally. As an Internet user, net neutrality is vitally important to me. The FCC should use its Title II authority to protect it.Most Americans have only one choice for truly high speed Internet: their local cable company. This is a political failure, and it is an embarrassment. America deserves competition and choice.Without net neutrality, a bad situation gets even worse. These ISPs will now be able to manipulate our Internet experience by speeding up some services and slowing down others. That kills choice, diversity, and quality.It also causes tremendous economic harm. If ISPs can speed up favored services and slow others, new businesses will no longer be able to rely on a level playing field. When ISPs can slow your site and destroy your business at will, how can any startup attract investors?My friends, family, and I use the Internet for conversation and fun, but also for work and business. When you let ISPs mess with our Internet experience, you are attacking our social lives, our entertainment, and our economic well being. We won't stand for it.ISPs are opposing Title II so that they can destroy the FCC's net neutrality rules in court. This is the same trick they pulled last time. Please, let's not be fooled again. Title II is the strong, legally sound way to enforce net neutrality. Use it.