«Unspecified» terror threat against Norway - Aftenposten

This morning the Norwegian department of justice, the Norwegian police and the Norwegian police security service (Norwegian abbreviation: PST) announced that they have recieved information of an «unspescified but plausible» attack against Norway in the coming days.

The attack could happen in three, five or seven days - or not at all. They hope reaching out to the public with this information will deter the terrorists from moving forward with their plan.

Islamist threat

According to the information the Norwegian government has acquired, the threat is connected to islamist groups in Syria. They do not know which group in particular the threat comes from or whether or not the threat comes from Norwegian citizens or people who have previously lived in Norway who have fought on the ground in Syria.

Several Norwegians and people with a relation to Norway have gone to Syria to fight in the Syrian civil war.

The government says that according to their information the threat is directed at Norway in general, not Norwegian interests, institutions or businesses abroad.

No flight restrictions

The authorities have very little information regarding this threat. They do not know who has made the threat, their motive or if a particular group, place or person has been targeted.

- We do not usually reach out to the public like this, but in the current situation we have reason to believe that the threat is real. Our intelligence and investigations point to the threat being plausible. We do not have any further information at this point, says Benedicte Bjørnland of the Norwegian police security service.

At the moment, there is no indication that the threat is directed at flights or other transports. No flight or movement restrictions will be enforced unless new information points to this becoming necessary.

Armed police will be stationed at airports, ports, train stations and other transport hubs.

The police security service have released a press release in English about the threat, found here.

Publisert: 24.jul. 2014 12:44