KNVB asked to boycott Russia, 2018 World Cup


Ex-international footballer Johan van ‘t Schip has urged Dutch football association KNVB to boycott the 2018 World Cup being hosted by Russia. Germany is currently taking the lead in trying to prevent Russia from hosting, with several politicians making it clear that they find this irresponsible. 

“I say call to @KNVB Ned. Government and #FIFA to #boycott #WorldCup2018 in Russia #MH017″ Van ‘t Schip tweeted. The angry Melbourne City coach’s call is now being heard by German politicians.

“A country that can’t even guarantee that an airplane can fly over without a problem, should not organize a World Cup” said vice-faction president Michael Fuchs of the German Christian Democratic CDU party.

The politician believes that this boycott will make much more of an impact than the sanctions currently being discussed in Brussels. “Trade restrictions are too easy for Russia to avoid. Those are easy to control in a country with so many borders”, Fuchs said.

Frank Steffel of the CDU urges FIFA to make sure that Russia’s President Putin knows that a country that violates citizen rights should not be able to organize a World Cup.

The CDU is joined by the green party in their plea for a boycott. “We must no longer give Putin a stage for his propaganda”, Parliamentarian Dieter Janeck said.