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By Zoe Szathmary for MailOnline

Published: 17:45 EST, 15 August 2014 | Updated: 13:43 EST, 16 August 2014




Billionaire philanthropist ill Gates is among the latest in a wave of celebrities to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge, in an attempt to raise awareness for the disease.

Unlike his famous peers, the tech-savvy Gates engineered his own structure to help with the icy stunt.

IIn a video posted to Gates' YouTube channel, Gates sees a clip in which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg nominates him before dumping an icy bucket on his own head.

Gates then looks at the camera, and says he wants to improve the ALS ice bucket challenge.

''I'm glad to give to ALS. It's a great cause, but I want to accept this challenge, but I want to do it better than it's been done,' he says.

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Nominated: Bill Gates (left) watches the video (right) in which Mark Zuckerberg completes the ice bucket challenge and nominates Gates to do the same

Testing, testing: Gates' model even includes a miniature version of himself

The former Microsoft CEO then creates a model for his structure, in which the bucket used in the challenge hangs from a series of beams and is connected to a rope below, held by a mini-figure of Gates himself.

Gates then brings his design to life with the help of a blowtorch and metal beams.

An ice bucket challenge nominee is taped pouring water down onto his or her head, then posts the video online and nominates others to do the name, The Boston Globe explained. The challenge must be completed within 24 hours, and if not the nominee donates $100 to an ALS-based charity.

Bill Gates owns the Ice Bucket challenge

Here we go! Gates pulls the rope so he can complete the challenge

Wipeout! Water floods down after Gates pulls the rope as part of the ALS ice bucket challenge

Flooded: The charity stunt leaves the billionaire philanthropist sopping wet

Way up top: From a high placement, the bucket seems to create a more dramatic splash after Gates pulls the rope

Standing in front of his contraption, Gates says 'I'm here to join the people bringing attention to Lou Gehrig's disease by taking the ALS ice bucket challenge.

'I'm going to challenge three more people: Elon Musk, Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Anderson of TED, you have 24 hours. Good luck.'

Gates then pulls a rope, causing the bucket's contents to plunge down on him.


Other celebrities have taped themselves completing the ice bucket challenge. Some of them include Ivanka Trump, Justin Timberlake, Kris Jenner, Chloe Grace Moretz, kris Jenner, Mickey Rourke, Emmy Rossum, Andy Cohen, Martha Stewart, as well as members from both the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns.

MailOnline previously reported that members of the Kennedy family were also taped completing the ALS ice bucket challenge in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts - and Ethel Kennedy nominated President Obama.

However, a White House spokesperson told The Boston Globe 'The President appreciates Mrs. Kennedy thinking of him for the challenge - though his contribution to this effort will be monetary. The President will be making a donation to an ALS charity this week.

Kennedy clan call out Obama for Ice Bucket Challenge

I nominate you! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, pictured, nominated Bill Gates to complete the ALS ice bucket challenge

Mark Zuckerberg films himself doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Kennedy matriarch Ethel Kennedy also completed the ice bucket challenge - and nominated President Obama, who will donate money instead

Watch what happens! Bravo personality Andy Cohen also took the plunge

Singer Tank did the ALS ice bucket challenge on Thursday

Chilly reception: Mickey Rourke took on the ALS ice bucket challenge as a guest on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

ALS awareness: Actress Emmy Rossum shared her ice bucket dump on Instagram with fans

Refreshing! Chloe Grace Moretz dumps a bucket on her head

Chloe Moretz takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here with friends! Justin Timberlake is seen with a group getting ready for the ice bucket challenge. Timberlake challenged Jimmy Fallon

Justin Timberlake wears Pink Floyd T for ALS ice bucket challenge

Just drying off! 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon and his backing band The Roots did the ice bucket challenge earlier this week

Taking one for the team? Members of the New York Jets participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge on Wednesday

Method acting? Cast members from 'Grey's Anatomy' also jumped in on the trend

All for charity! Reality star Kris Jenner sat on the side of a pool while she completed the challenge

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