MOSUL DAM-ISIS and Islamic Intelligence Report (The Time Kate Middleton Went Down on Prince William in the Air) | hollywoodilluminatidotcom

Well, as predicted the Americans are using the Kurds as a cover story for their bombing of our Holy Warriors in Mosul.  The Americans, are pro-apartheid, racist and simply can not stand to see ISIS hold this Mosul Dam over their heads.  The Americans are using their air force to make targeted strikes and trying to reclaim the dam from our grips, in order to deliver this dam to either their Zionist Pig Friends in Israel or to the dirty Shia Iran.



The Americans, with their 6 inch, no life having cocks, will no doubt be monitoring all of our communications.  So, when we communicate, we must have five different conversations of war plans, back to back. For instance, 1) lets go kill some Kurds and kidnap 13 year old girls for our Islamic State. 2) lets blow up BP Oil in lower Iraq. 3) Lets blow up the dam. 4) Lets push east in Syria 5) lets blow up BP Oil in lower Iraq. 

Now, ahead of time each ISIS Commander will tell his unit the correct number and only ISIS will know which combat statement is correct and which one is meant to throw off their (America & UK) complex NSA data snooping programs.  This is exactly how we get around America’s Military Intelligence and NSA.


Now, lets say we do get the British joining in, with the 6 inch cock Americans, and the Pentagon, I know that the Brits like to use these attack helicopters.  Of course being that Prince William flies British Attack Helicopters and me being his long term friend, I also know how to fly these attack helicopters.


Lets say that the Americans or British decide to come in with, I don’t know, an AH-64 Apache Longbow, for an example.  Now I have been in these attack helicopters and observed Prince William. 

He thinks that it takes years of study and discipline because according to Prince William there are so many factors that can change at a moments notice, but if this was true, then Kate Middleton would have not been able to go down on him while he was flying one these attack air vehicles… front of me, I might add. 

The Real Kate Middleton (Good Girl, Gone Bad!)



This means, that ISIS Holy War Fighters can use human shields.  If you must move out in the open, use 10 kurds or Shia, to walk in front of you (the missiles aim center mass) and when you hear a high high pitched sound, you retreat, allowing the missile to take out the Kurds and Shia.  This is how we can get high death counts, send bad international PR to the Americans and British and survive the attack.


I am the chosen one, that is blessed by Allah. Victory is Ours!