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23 hours ago

Dr. Eric Fombonne BIG PHARMA ! ... In the destruction of children in Quebec in the grip of childcare DPJ, big players, some psychiatrists by allegiance, or partisan considerations to maintain artificial standards for publication and obtaining research funding will not hesitate to issue "disease map, on behalf of the DPJ," you never know it could still serve science ...: "that's how the way it works at the HQ of Dr. Eric Fombonne MCH ": the parent escorted by a worker from the DPJ goes into an abandoned building, rue Ste Catherine gives cold back. At the entrance to the building is a janitor at a table in the dark, the parent is asked to provide identification and fill out a ballot as in Soviet regimes, after approval of a supervisory body contacted by telephone the parent always escorted by the intervener DPJ rises to the upper floor, in this gloomy building, not a soul outside Fombonne, ready to sacrifice children to express mandate of the DPJ, the speaker of DPJ is heard first without the presence of the protective parent, during the clinical examination any information provided by the parent, (I said guard) is taken into account, the final diagnosis falls in the first meeting, the parent is asked to sign a paper with a grant of $ 160 / month to label the child to the Pension Board, references to future budgets that will never see the day are given to the parent, the job is complete, a letter is sent by Fombonne the target parent, inviting her to go to the doctor now treating the child who happens to be "a doctor of social pediatrics," the day of the hearing in the Youth Division, Fombonne expert witness DPJ who has never seen the child will testify in place of the speaker of the DPJ to remove the protective custody loving parent and therefore even the DPJ who has the burden of proof will escape the witness and voila, the DPJ will try to sign an agreement to target parent "to recognize the diagnosis issued by Fombonne, of s''engager to make no further evaluation to confirm the diagnosis of Dr. Fombonne and consent to custody set by the DPJ "the child hostage, then begins the descent into hell of loving parent, guardian, the child meanwhile will sink into the maze DPJ forced medication with powerful psychotropic 'Risperdal 'separation from the attachment figure, the child will wither son at the time, Fombonne about him disappear into the wild, the child will join the ranks of the Duplessis orphans