Michelle Obama Claims Upcoming Interview With 'OUT' Magazine Will "Shock The World" | National Report

The First Lady will be making a candid announcement in next month’s issue of ‘OUT’ magazine; The cover of which Mrs. Obama will also adorn.

During an interview with NBC, Michelle reluctantly opened up about the piece saying, “I cannot get into specifics, but this will be a giant step for the LGBTQ community. It’s going to transform people’s perspectives around the world, primarily where the rights of transgendered individuals are concerned.”

Michelle Obama’s proclamations have left many speculating what the bombshell could be.

Immediately after being sworn into office, Mr. and Mrs. Obama have faced allegations that bring their sexuality into question. Considering the context under which Michelle plans to make her upcoming announcement, it easily lends to the belief that she will be coming out as a transgendered woman.

Several different sources have postulated that Michelle Obama was, in fact, born a man. In-depth studies of Michelle’s body structure, and comparisons with the average female’s physique show several discrepancies which provide convincing arguments for Mrs. Obama’s male gender. Inquiries involving these rampant speculations have largely been evaded by the President and the First Lady, as well as White House officials. Nevertheless, the rumors continue to persist.

Several noteworthy trans-gender activists have expressed their support upon learning of Michelle Obama’s looming broadcast. Erza Lightfoot, who is the head editor for the long running Los Angeles publication ‘Transgender Times’, had the following to add when she was informed of Michelle’s statement. “This would be a groundbreaking revelation. To have the first openly trans-gender First Lady? This is just what the trans community needs to revolutionize the way in which trans-gendered individuals are perceived by the public at large.”

She ended with, “We thought we had been graced by the first African American presidential family; It is thrilling to think we could be on the precipice of our nation witnessing an African American, Trans, and gay parental unit in the Oval Office. There are a lot of issues in our country today, but having such a progressive First Family is not one of them.”