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Was Europe Traded for the Middle East?

By JC Collins

The geopolitical strategy at play in the proxy resource wars between the east and west has shifted once again with the US strikes on Syria.  The response by Russia and China over this unilateral move by America will likely be very telling of the larger strategy at play here.

So far the response has been muted with only statements of slight disgruntlement, such as Russia stating that the US strikes violate Syria’s sovereignty.

The arrival of the Chinese naval ship into an Iranian port a few days ago very well could have been pre-positioning in preparation of the US strikes.  This would mean the China knew the strikes were going to happen which in turn means a geopolitical business deal was arranged between them and America.

On the Russian front we have Ukraine forces moving artillery back from the front lines and the present truce is holding.  ExxonMobile and Rosneft continue on their planned artic oil ventures.

Also announced over the last 24 hours is the Bank of China Hong Kong Asset Management and Citigroup have created a joint venture to expand high yield bond funds in Europe.

And on top of all this we have mass graves being discovered in Ukrainian government held territory, apparently exposing the atrocities of American backed Ukrainian forces.

As reported in the post The Devil’s Tears, the US is angling to retain control of both Europe and the Middle East, but will likely sacrifice one for the other if need be before the transition to the multilateral financial system takes place.

Given the resource wealth in the Middle East it is becoming more and more probable that the American interests will abandon their position over Europe and make the trade for the Middle East.

This time last year the US was threatening to bomb Syria to overthrow Assad.  Both Russia and China actively spoke out against these planned strikes and made it very clear that they would not allow it to happen.  It is even likely that missiles were fired and shot down by Russia before they could strike Syria, along with two US fighter jets crashing in the Golan Heights.

From that moment the US interests began to step up their propaganda and civil unrest strategies in Ukraine which would eventually lead to the coup and overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Kiev during the Winter Olympics.

A new front was opened in the proxy wars ensuring American success in one of the two regions.  It is the more likely scenario that the US never intended to retain control over Europe and was only using it as a bartering item to ensure its interests in the Middle East were maintained.

What is still somewhat of a wild card is Saudi Arabia, which could still lean towards China.  If the business deal over Syria is concluded than we are likely to see  Saudi Arabia remain in the US geopolitical sphere, as Saudi Arabia was aggressively angling to control Syria and rip it away from Assad.

If Assad is removed from power then we know categorically that this deal has been made and the multilateral system will continue to move forward by years end.

The G20 has collectively agreed to keep Russia as a member of the group and the mandate of the G20 to have the 2010 IMF Quota Reforms enacted by the end of this year is still moving forward.  With these latest moves on the socioeconomic and geopolitical fronts, the world is moving closer to concluding the largest business deal in history.

Some controlled chaos will have to be created before the preplanned order can be implemented.  When this chaos is announced it will be prudent of us all not to panic and come to emotion based conclusions.

The dollar will have to become unstable in order for the Chinese renminbi to be added to the SDR basket valuation.  As discussed in the post Renminbi Is Already A Defactor Reserve Currency, the end game is becoming clearer with each passing week.

The Separation of the US Treasury and Federal Reserve is beginning and will facilitate the growing dollar crisis.

The launching of the yuan denominated Shanghai Gold Contracts is moving the world towards the consolidation of global exchanges and streamlining of valuations to fit into the broader mandates of the multilateral system.

Both the G20 and the International Monetary Fund have given the US until the end of this year to pass and enact the 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms so the renminbi can be added to the SDR basket valuation.  This is what is playing out this the year.

Will the US be satisfied with giving up Europe to retain control of the Middle Eastern resources?  Or will they continue to press for additional resource hegemony?  Will Russia and China even allow for the power transition in Syria and the Middle East?  Is the passage of the Audit the Fed bill being used as leverage by the international banking interests to pressure the US into finally passing the required legislation to support the implementation of the multilateral financial system?  Did the passing of the Fed bill finally prompt the bombing of Syria?

Time will tell but regardless, we are approaching the end of the year and the international bankers will have their way.  Continued diversion and manufactured storylines being pushed across the internet and conspiracy worlds only ensures that the methodology of this transition remains hidden.   – JC

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