VIDEO-Who is Ebola 'czar' Ron Klain?

Amidst growing pressure, President Obama named Ron Klain as his Ebola 'czar.' Klain has worked with Vice President Joe Biden, former presidential candidate John Kerry and former Vice President Al Gore.

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00:01 -- pressure mounts for the White House to take a00:04 stronger stance in the fight against a bola. Ron -- will00:08 be appointed as President Obama as Ebola czar. We have and00:11 has surgeon general for a year and that's a job that00:14 would have. Traditionally done a lot of these this role so00:17 now they need somebody come in -- step in and pull00:20 out of the various pieces together. Claim has served as a00:23 top aide to Al Gore during the 2000 election. He also00:27 served as an advisor for John Kerry's presidential campaign and as00:32 chief of staff to vice president Joseph Biden. In 2011 he00:36 left the White House to serve in the private sector. What00:39 he knows so many people inside Washington inside government inside the00:43 policy community. He knows how to make things work and that's00:46 one of the things that the president needs right now. Claims00:49 role as General Counsel to Al Gore's 2000 recount committee was00:53 the focus of the 2008 film recount. Oscar winning actor Kevin00:58 Spacey played claim in the HBO movie. -- -- -- --01:03 -- So the best man win them. -- -- -- --01:10 -- As the bullet czar a White House official says claim01:14 will be responsible for coordinating the administration's whole of government response.01:20 -- --