VIDEO-How are U.S. troops fighting Ebola in Africa? | USA NOW

How are U.S. troops fighting Ebola in Africa? | USA NOW

Natalie DiBlasio hosts USA NOW on what U.S. troops are doing to fight Ebola in West Africa.

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00:02 The military is preparing to deal with the bull after00:05 President Obama okayed the Pentagon to send up to 3000 more00:09 troops to West Africa. To help deal with the able crisis.00:13 I'm Natalie the Bellagio in this is investing now for October00:15 17 2014. So far 547. Troops are there mostly in Iberia00:22 but some aren't Senegal. They're building seventeen treatment centers and training00:26 local professionals and how to handle and diagnose a bullet patients.00:30 All branches of the military active duty and prisoner helping. Navy00:35 seabees are building to treatment centers and eighty medical personnel are00:38 conducting lab test. Soldiers are performing civil engineering and logistical duties00:43 and airmen -- word meaning military flights in and out of00:46 the country. Right now no troops or treat able patients directly00:51 they're leaving that to medical professionals. Aid organizations like US an00:55 idea and the Red Cross have been on the ground for00:57 months providing safe aerial team to dispose of bodies in 2401:01 hours. Help with lab work and spread prevention efforts. If troops01:06 are infected viable and they'll be quarantined stabilized and transported out01:10 of Liberia for treatment. They're constantly monitored for vital signs and01:14 for the virus. -- -- where investment in next material is01:19 president. This is where people play this. In preparation for their01:23 deployment soldiers have to go to a mandatory training to learn01:27 how to properly Wear protective suits with respirators. Even though the01:30 troops will not be anywhere near horrible with patients. We're following01:34 this online USA today dot com.