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Iraqi security forces standing guard in front of the Islamic court run by the Islamic State in Sadiyah, north of Baghdad, Nov. 2... / Photo by AP

By Haaretz

Published 10:20 26.11.14

Two Syrian men were stoned to death for being gay by ISIS, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, according to AFP.

The first man, 20, was killed in Mayadeen, in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, AFP reported. A second man, 18, was stoned to death in Deir Al-Zor.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State or ISIL, claimed it had found videos on the first man's cellphone, in which he was "practicing indecent acts with males," according to the report. ISIS also accused the second man of being gay without specifying the basis for its allegations.

The men were both opponents of ISIS, according to activists on social media, who charged the terrorist group used the gay allegation as a pretext to murder them.

ISIS militants have been accused of executing prisoners since taking control of widespread areas across Iraq and Syria during the spring. ISIS executed some 600 Iraqi prisoners in June, which amounted to war crimes and most likely crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch charged.

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