THEREMIN - A Touch Friendly Synthesizer

THEREMIN - A Touch Friendly Synthesizer


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?✖Update: 7 February 2014

Thanks to everyone for sharing! Over 100,000 people have played on the theremin in the last 3 days which is absolutely amazing. Due to a large number of requests, we've began working on a record function as well as an offline version of the app which will be available soon.

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More info

The web audio theremin is a touch friendly & responsive audio synthesizer built in javascript using the Web Audio API with HTML5 canvas.

Feel free to get in contact with me here:

If you are using Safari or Chrome, please update your browser to the latest version.

This synthesizer uses latest Web Audio API technology which is currently supported in Chrome, Safari, Opera and iOS Safari 6+. If you're seeing this message you need to update.

Unfortunately this will not work in Internet Explorer at all and runs slowly in Firefox (as of 11/12/13).

Turn your sound up and touch the screen to play

This version of the theremin currently has some bugs in Firefox. For a better experience please open the page in Safari or Chrome.

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